Moving heritage


The death of a loved one causes a lot of stress and sadness. In most cases this also involves items that are bequeathed to people, also people who live on the other side of the world. Transpack understands that organizing these kind of removals can be difficult so we offer services to arrange everything for you so that you can focus on other important matters.

Shipping inheritances from and to foreign countries

If you inherited items from abroad or if you are helping a family member with their inheritance, then Transpack can help you with the transport of these heirlooms. The volume and number of items are no problem for us. Let us know what kind of goods you are intending to ship and when you would like it shipped. We will give you advice on the best approach.

Importing and exporting inheritance abroad

Every country has got different rules for the tax-free customs clearance of inheritance goods. Transpack works closely together with partners who can inform you about the customs formalities for the transport of these goods.

What is important for any customs office when importing and exporting an inheritance is a copy of the will. This is also often requested in English or even in the local language. Transpack can help you with the customs formalities of the import and export of an inheritance.

Collecting the inheritance

If you are unable to be present in the country where the inheritance comes from, Transpack can handle this for you. Just give Transpack the contact details of your local contact and everything will be arranged; from packing the goods to loading them into a sea container or air crate.

All you need to do is confirm in writing that a contact person will handle the goods and sign the packing list on your behalf.

Shipping inheritance via containers

Transpack offers various options for the transport of the inheritance. Below you will find these options. Transpack will advise you what the best option is for your inheritance.

  • Groupage – groupage is the sharing of space in a sea container with other shipments. The container only leaves when it is full. The advantage of this is that you can ship your inheritance inexpensively. The disadvantage is that it can sometimes take a relatively long time.


Click here to read about which countries qualify for groupage options.  

  • Sea container – Your goods can also be shipped in their own container. This is particularly suitable for complete household effects and is then certainly the best option. For smaller shipments, it is a bit more expensive as you do not share the costs with another shipment.
  • Air freight – Transport by air freight is very fast. Depending on the destination and availability, on average 4 to 5 days. Air freight is more expensive compared to a sea container and is therefore only recommended for a small quantity of goods that you cannot wait to ship by sea. Depending on the destination, transport by sea freight can take up to five weeks or longer.


Do you have any questions about shipping inherited items abroad? Please feel free to contact us for more information or fill in the quotation form.