Moving a piano

Moving your piano safely and professional

If you own a piano and you are thinking of moving, you would probably like to explore the possibilities of taking it with you. We must be honest, whether your move is abroad or within the Netherlands, it remains a special job to transport a piano safely. Transpack is experienced with this and has been offering a piano moving service for many years. Whether you have a grand piano or a buffet piano, Transpack can provide you with tailor-made services!

Piano moving within the Netherlands

You can hire Transpack for your complete removal including the piano or for just the instrument. Please inform us about any obstacles at the current and future location to make sure we can prepare for the move correctly.

Transpack can also offer you storage space in case you need time in between moves. Transpack has a large warehouse in The Hague which meets all quality requirements. The piano can stay there as long as you need.

Piano moving abroad

A piano can be moved abroad. Transpack uses good protective packaging materials for this and, if required, can also arrange a custom-made crate.

The piano will be transported by sea container and you will be informed of the arrival date at the port of your new home country.

The delivery agent at destination will be selected based on their experience in delivering pianos. This way, you can be sure that the work will be done expertly at your home and your future home!

Additional considerations for moving a piano

If you have a piano, you will probably have done some research into the possibilities of getting the instrument into your home. Transpack will discuss this with you and if possible also analyse the situation at destination.

If an external lift or other facilities are required to transport your piano safely, Transpack can arrange this for you.

Damage to a piano is not common due to the use of high-quality materials and professionals, but to start your move with peace of mind it is recommended to insure your piano.

If you have any questions about moving a piano, please contact us. We will be happy to help you and map out the best way to transport your piano.