Moving a car

Moving your car abroad

You may be considering moving your car together with your household goods.

Please read the text below to get a better understanding of moving cars internationally as there are several options, but also rules which you should know about.

Options for shipping your car

There are two options for shipping your car abroad. The first option is “RoRo”. Your car is then parked on the upper deck of a ship. This is the cheapest option for taking your car abroad. However, there is a risk of damage from seawater spray and storms.

You can also choose to place your car in a sea container. The advantages to this option are that the car is transported safely and you can use the available volume in the container to combine the car shipment with your household goods.

Extra option when moving your car

If you want to store your car temporarily, then Transpack is also the right place for you.  Your car can be safely stored inside or outside at our warehouse in The Hague. Your car is parked behind secure fences and if you want to store your car inside, it is also kept dry and in a temperature controlled area.

If you want to bring a car to the Netherlands, you can use Transpack’s registration service. Then you do not have to worry about making appointments with the RDW, submitting paperwork and/or having any adjustments made to your car. Adjustments to the car are a likely requirement, one thing that comes up regularly for American cars are correct fog lights. Transpack takes care of all this for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can also have your car insured for transport with Transpack. Please contact Transpack for advice on insuring your car.

Taking an electric car abroad

You can also arrange the transport of an electric car with Transpack. Make sure the car’s battery is empty and disconnected from all systems before the car is transported. Shipping companies often regard these batteries as dangerous and therefore the cars cannot be taken along with every sea freight. If you want to take an electric car abroad, please contact Transpack for more information.

Taking other vehicles abroad

Transpack is not only the right place for a car, we can also help you arrange the international transport of motorbikes, scooters, electric bicycles, etc. There are specific requirements for each vehicle.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about taking your car or other vehicles abroad.