If it fits, it ships

Cheap international small package shipping

  • Do you want to surprise your family with Christmas presents?
  • Have you already moved and still need things you didn’t take with you in the first place?
  • Maybe you need products for business applications that are not available or difficult to obtain in Curacao?

If you want to ship a small consignment abroad as cheaply as possible, but it is too large for DHL, for example, the If it fits it ships scheme of Transpack is a good option!

How much does sending a parcel cost?

Thanks to our unique concept, shipping your items is surprisingly affordable, you can choose between two options; Box Small with a maximum capacity of 0.5m3 or the Box Big with a maximum capacity of 1.0m3.


Box Small Box Big


To Curaçao: 209,-To Curaçao: €249,-
Volume: 0,5 m3 Volume: 1,0 m3 
if it ships it fits pakket




if it ships it fits pakket





94.5cm (Length) x 55.5cm (Width) x 96cm (Height) 



112.5cm (Length) x 94.5cm (Width) x 96cm (Height) 


Destination for international parcels

If it ships it fits is organised in combination with groupage. The filled box will be placed in a container with the goods of others. This ensures that the costs are shared and transport by boat is therefore much more economical. Because the container must first be filled with the goods of several people, it does take a little longer than regular transport.

The available destinations for if it fits ships shipments:

  • New York, United States
  • Los Angeles, United States
  • Willemstad, Curacao
  • Oranjestad, Aruba
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Sydney, Australia

Which goods can be shipped as international parcels?

Not only removal goods can be shipped to the above destinations, with If it fits it ships you can also send (Christmas) gifts to family on Curacao. Per type of shipment it is possible that you pay taxes at the border, Transpack will inform you about this in advance together with an estimation of the price.

Other locations in the Netherlands for loading

At the moment it is only possible to deliver the goods at Transpack’s warehouse in The Hague. In the near future, there will be several locations throughout the Netherlands where you can go with your belongings and fill a special If it fits it ships box. It is not known when this will be. As soon as this is arranged, the website will be updated immediately.

How does if it ships if fits work

  1. Book online
  • Use the shipping form at the bottom of this page to indicate how many m3 you want to send.
  • Download Transpack-Inventory-overview and fill it in accurately
  1. Bring your items
  • You bring your own items to our warehouse in The Hague.
  • You can pack your own things there. Take a look at our assortment of packing materials here.
  • Give the packing list to one of our service representatives and they will check the list and the packing to ensure that it is ready for shipping.
  • Pay for your shipment in cash or by pin.
  1. We ship your goods in the next available container with space
  • We will handle all of the administrative matters together with you and make sure your belongings go through customs smoothly.
  1. Collection of your goods
  • As soon as your shipment has arrived, we will inform you by phone or e-mail that the goods can be picked up.

Easy and inexpensive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Do you have items that, due to a certain shape, do not fit in a m3 shipping box? Or do you have more than 2.5m3 of goods, then it is cheaper to use a groupage shipment.

Interested to know the difference between if it fits, it ships and groupage? Learn more about it here.

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