Temporary or long-term storage of goods is necessary or desired in some cases. For example, when you move to a smaller house and some of your belongings do not fit. Or your property is not yet available when your belongings arrive. Delayed customs formalities can also be a reason for storage.

Transpack has storage facilities.

Safety and protection against external influences, such as fire, burglary or mold, are paramount in our storage. When your belongings go in or out of storage, we also take care of all customs formalities.

Please contact us for more information about storage options.

Read more about the difference between short-term, long-term storage and storage insurance below.

Short-term storage
If your goods cannot be shipped or delivered directly, we can arrange for them to be temporarily stored in a safe and economical manner. In order to avoid ongoing port costs, we, or our partners, make sure that your goods are brought from your home or the port to a warehouse in the most efficient way possible. There they are temporarily stored in a climate-controlled room until they can be transported or delivered.

Long-term storage
We also offer suitable storage options for long-term storage of your belongings that will not be moved to your destination. For both small and larger quantities of goods, we have reliable storage facilities available worldwide with loading and unloading facilities.

Storage insurance
We recommend that you also insure your goods in storage, this can be done at a premium of 0.10% per month over the total insured value. Your goods will then be insured against damage during the storage period.

We will be happy to advise you about storage options and how to take out or continue storage insurance. Please feel free to contact us.


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