Packing materials

Packing materials

If you are going to move, you will obviously need packaging material. Think of book boxes or a mattress box, paper for crockery or ribbed cardboard.

Moving boxes are included in the price if you choose our full-service option. Please contact us about the full-service option. In addition, you can always choose to pack yourself.

Tip for self-packing
Please note that standard boxes with, for example, side cutouts are not suitable for international removals. Because your goods are often packed in a container for several weeks, these boxes need to be closed and glued shut at all seams. Look at our frequently asked questions for more tips.

Buying materials
We have a physical store at our location in The Hague and you can order the materials for your move online at

We are happy to advise you about the packing process and materials, please feel free to contact us.




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