Packing & (dis)assembling

Packing & (dis)assembling

Of course, you want your items to arrive at your new destination without damage or mold. For safe international transport of your belongings, good packing is very important. Transpack can professionally pack your belongings for you, so you can insure everything all-risk.

For a full service international move, our movers will pack all your fragile and precious belongings in specially designed moving boxes. The furniture will be disassembled where necessary to save space and packed in professional packing materials or special cardboard crates. After this, all packed items will be loaded into a container.

You may also be able to pack all common items yourself. Then you can have only the most fragile and valuable items professionally packed by us. This way you save on moving costs again. Check out the options here.

We will give you the right packing instructions and supply professional moving boxes.

We offer the options, and you choose what suits you best. Feel free to contact us for tailored advice.