Storage of your move

Storage service during your international removal

A removal service with storage capabilities is desirable in some cases. For example, if there is a delay regarding access to your new home, and your goods have already arrived at the port. Then the temporary storage of your belongings can be a welcomed solution. You can also store goods for a longer period at Transpack. Transpack has a spacious and secure warehouse in The Hague. The storage facilities meet all quality requirements regarding temperature, air humidity, pest prevention and more.

Combine your removal service with storage

A combination of Transpack’s removal service with storage is a good option for a carefree move to your new destination. On request, your goods will be carefully packed at your home and then transported to our warehouse for secure storage.

Which goods can be stored with Transpack?

There is no limit to the amount of goods we can store for you. Transpack has a very spacious warehouse with containers, crates, racks, etc. In short, there is enough space to store all your goods safely. Whatever the size or weight of your goods, Transpack can keep an eye on it for you.

How long may the goods remain in storage?

Your belongings can remain in storage for as long as necessary. However, it is advisable to pack the goods for export when the goods are going to be in storage for longer than six months. Transpack can of course help you with the export packing of your goods or provide you with tips and tricks for the right packing materials.

Temporary storage of cars and motorbikes

Transpack also offers the option of storage for cars and motorbikes and has an indoor and outdoor area where the vehicles are kept safe. Both the inside and outside areas are protected by fences or doors and camera surveillance from all angles.

Are you a motorbike enthusiast and want to take your motorbike abroad or store it temporarily? Then Transpack can also advise you on this. It is important to place the motorbike in a crate for the journey, but also for storage, so that the motorbike is safe. The crate also keeps it dry and prevents the motorbike from getting dirty. For questions about moving or taking your car or motorbike abroad, we are happy to give you tips & tricks.

Storage insurance

We recommend insuring your goods in storage as well, for a premium of 0.10% per month over the total insured value. This will protect your belongings against any damage caused in the warehouse.

If you have any questions about Transpack’s moving and storage services, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by phone. We are at your service!