Insuring your move

We do everything in our power to ensure that your belongings arrive in good order in the country of destination, but unforeseen circumstances can still cause damage and/or loss. An international move involves a lot of work and there are often several parties involved, so it is not always possible to determine the cause, culprit, or location of transport damage.

We therefore always recommend that you insure your goods. Please contact us for tailor-made insurance advice.

Below you will find information on the various insurance policies.

All-risk insurance
If you consider choosing a full service move, you can apply for All-risk insurance at 2.20% over the declared value of your goods, the value of the transport plus €7.50 policy fee. We apply a minimum premium of €75.00 and own-risk of €150.00 per incident.
The all-risk insurance covers:

  • Damage
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Avery Grosse

Limited coverage insurance
For other service levels in moving which involves you packing or unpacking some items, you can only apply for a limited coverage insurance at 1.70% over the declared value of the goods, the value of the transport plus €7.50 policy fee. We apply a minimum premium of €75.00 and an excess of €150.00 per occurrence.
This insurance covers:

  • Overall loss
  • General theft
  • Avery-Grosse

What is Avery-Grosse?
Avery-Grosse is a very old principle whereby all parties involved in a sea voyage (ship, cargo, and freight) share the loss which results from a voluntary sacrifice and involuntary loss of cargo proportionally. The sacrifice concerns a part of the ship and/or cargo in order to protect the entire company against an imminent danger or special costs incurred to protect the common interest of ship and cargo.

This principle still exists today and is enshrined in international agreements. A good example of current day Avery-Grosse just happened with the EverGiven ship in the Suez Canal