Handyman services

Need help moving? Hire a handyman!

Having trouble removing all your lamps from the ceiling? Unplugging the washing machine? Removing the carpeting from the house? At Transpack you can hire an extra helper, the handyman, for all your jobs in and around the house.

A handyman / moving helper can assist you with all the technical and non-technical chores of your move that you do not want to do yourself or do not have time for. They are experienced people who know everything about moving items in and out of the house.

Need more than one handyman? No problem at all! Transpack can make sure that you get enough assistance to properly perform all the tasks in the time you need it done.

Type of jobs for the handyman

You can hire a handyman for the following jobs during your move:

  • Painting, both inside and outside. The handyman can also pick up the paint at the hardware store for you.
  • Mounting and dismounting lamps
  • Assembling and disassembling cupboards or other furniture
  • Hanging or taking down curtains, or paintings
  • Laying and removing laminate or carpeting
  • Repairing doorframes
  • Replacing locks
  • Disconnecting washer and dryer, or other appliances
  • And more!

Handyman assistance throughout the country

The Handymen of Transpack can be deployed all over the country. So, whether you live in the north or in the south, Transpack makes sure that the desired number of Handymen are at your doorstep for the number of hours that you need help.

If you are considering hiring a Handyman, please feel free to contact Transpack.