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International (full service) removal

Transpack is your number one partner in carrying out your international move. Our multi-dimensional services make Transpack a unique company, offering services of all sizes. Wherever you want to move, Transpack delivers the most reliable, fast and beneficial ways to transport your belongings to the destination of your choice.

Budget friendly international removal

One of our most budget friendly options, while being sure that your contents are being delivered on the new destination on time and without risks, is by doing most of the work yourself. When you fill in an online quote request, you will receive a quote to meet your needs within 48 hours. We offer free advice from experienced people. You can choose to do the packing of regular belongings yourself, or hire our experienced moving crew. We can also provide instructions to pack your belongings and provide professional packing materials. Your most breakable and valuable belongings are professionally packed by our team.

Full service removal

Based on the volume estimation of your goods we will recommend the most efficient way of shipping. If you decide to go for full-service removal, you place all the work in the hands of capable and experiences people. As part of the service we will pack your precious and fragile belongings in specially designed moving boxes. Furniture will be disassembled to save room and packed in professional wrapping material and special cardboard boxes. All packaged belongings will be loaded into a container.

There can be huge differences in cost for international removals, due to service level or destination. Your budget is of upmost importance to us. You will receive specified quote with a detailed description of what to expect within 48 hours.

Fill in the online quote request to find out how much money you can save on your international move or contact us directly.