Pick-up & delivery

Pick-up & delivery

Would you prefer to stay in control of your international move, or would you like to save some money? Transpack allows that you pack and unpack the goods yourself. This way you prevent a crew from touching your belongings and it also saves working time and thus, money. Having said that, it is important to mention that the crew is trained on safe packing of goods that will be shipped internationally, so you take a bit more risk by doing it yourself.

Packaging materials

Transpack can, with the help of a partner, provide you with packing materials. You can think of boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more. You can find everything for your upcoming move on deverhuiswinkel.com. If you want to use your own materials, that is no problem either, but please note that the boxes you use do not have handles, as this is not allowed for intercontinental moves.

Handing over your items

Our crew, our partners elsewhere in the world, will arrive at your residence to either collect the pre-packed belongings or to drop-off your belongings at your home. The pre-packed goods can either be loaded in our van, or in case possible, directly into a container.

Goods that have arrived in the country of destination will be brought to your new home and stacked on the ground floor. You can then take the time to unpack your belongings at your own pace.


When you pack the goods yourself it is very important that you draw up a packing list. The contents of each box must be described, as well as any other item that cannot be transported in the box.

As soon as you have come into contact with Transpack, you will receive a blank packing list together with instructions on how to draw up a correct document. After all, a packing list is not only for your own administration and ours, it is also a hard requirement for customs and insurance!


By booking this service you agree that the goods have not been handled by a professional packing team. The chance that something breaks during transport is therefore greater. For this reason it is only possible to buy a limited insurance which does not cover damage or individual loss, but can be claimed in case of total loss.

Do you have any questions about this service option of Transpack or anything else of the moving process? Please do not hesitate to contact us.