Moving abroad yourself

Do you want to move abroad for a great price?

People who say that “the best things in life are free” have clearly never moved abroad. Moving to a brand-new country is a new challenge and makes for an exciting time, but it costs money. Just when you think you have dealt with one thing, something else pops up. If you are not careful, things like shipping, visas and flights can cost you a considerable amount of money – and that is before you have even arrived at your new destination. But you need to make sure money worries do not ruin your grand plans. At Transpack we know how to save you moving costs, and we are happy to share our advice on how you can move cheaply yourself.

Choose the cheap option: sea freight

If you are looking for the cheapest way to transport your belongings abroad, here is the most important tip: use sea freight containers. Sea freight is usually 12-16 times cheaper than air freight. Air freight is more expensive because the plane cannot transport as much goods as a ship. However, if you are in a hurry, air freight may be your only option, but otherwise sea freight is essential for any international move.

Almost every aspect of your move will also benefit enormously if everything is prepared sooner rather than later. Once you know where and when you are moving, there is nothing to stop you setting a date for shipping your belongings.

Get a grip on time and do not miss the boat. Contact shipping companies at least three or four months before your planned removal date, preferably sooner and especially in the busy summer months!

Share a container or have your own container?

Are you going to fill a whole sea container yourself or do you only need a portion of the available container space? The size of your household effects makes the choice easier. When you can share a sea container with others you choose the option: Groupage. If you want to hire a moving container yourself which Transpack will deliver at your desired destination, this is also possible. You can then place all your belongings in it and the container will be collected again at an agreed time. This way you can move abroad yourself cheaply and only use the service of the sea container.

Packing and unpacking the items yourself

At Transpack we can help you with packing and unpacking, but you can also choose to do this yourself, which automatically makes the costs cheaper. Just make sure you have received our tips and tricks and to make a packing list!

Costs of moving yourself

Are you curious about the costs of moving by packing everything yourself? Please request a quote and receive a tailor-made offer. It is also possible to add extra services to your move, such as shipping special items or hiring a handyman to give you support with disassembling furniture. Check all extra services provided by Transpack on our website.