Full service moving assistance

Your entire removal arranged

Moving with Transpack is being able to choose how much assistance you require. For example, you can deliver your belongings packed to the warehouse, but you can also choose full service, where everything will be done for you.

What is a full service move?

In case of a full service move, packing materials are provided, your goods are packed by a professional team and transported to the warehouse or directly loaded into a container. From there the customs formalities will be arranged and all services will be coordinated with trusted partners at destination. They will make sure that the boxes are placed in the right room, the furniture is unpacked and the goods that have been disassembled are put back together again. This can also include, in case preferred, All-risk insurance.

Packing assistance

Before a packing crew will be visiting your home a (video) survey will be conducted as to make sure that we are fully aware of the volume of your move and if there are any special items or accessibility issues. The survey results will be shared with the crew so that they can prepare for your move properly and bring the required tools and packing materials.

Boxes are filled, furniture that is easy to disassemble is screwed apart and other furniture is packed in its complete state. Note: not all furniture is easy to disassemble, if it is necessary that they are transported in parts, the assistance of a “handyman” is needed. This type of furniture includes designer beds, Ikea furniture and wardrobes with more than three doors. A Transpack employee will inform you after or during the survey whether the assistance of a handyman is required.


Because the goods are handled by a Transpack trusted crew and partner, it is possible to book an all-risk insurance. The goods are then protected against damage, loss, and total loss of a container and its contents.

A Transpack employee can inform you about the premium and which information is required to apply for the insurance.

If you have any questions about a full-service removal or another Transpack service, please contact us via the contact form or by phone.