An important part of the service we provide at Transpack is the temporary or long-term storage of goods.

If your goods cannot be shipped or delivered directly, it is of the upmost importance that they are temporarily stored in a safe location for an acceptable price. Taking all circumstances into consideration, Transpack will provide the most efficient way to move your goods out of the harbour or airport. By doing so we can prevent any unnecessary high sea- or airport costs and demurrage.

The goods will then be temporarily stored in a climatically controlled unit up until the moment they can be shipped. Transpack will also take care of any formalities resulting from customs interference. Safe storage and protection from external influences, like fire and theft, are our prior concern when storing your goods. Transpack also offers expert advice on new or prolonged insurance coverage.

We also provide fitting solutions for long-term storage for both small and large quantities of goods. Professional assistance for loading and unloading your goods is present and available at our storage sites.

We are happy to take care of your temporary as well as your long-term storage issues.