Emigrating to one of our top destinations

Transpack offers a wide range of services, specifically tailored to your needs. With our price conscious attitude and client centred mindset, we act as your counterpart in Europe. Founded in 1974 Transpack Shipping Services has grown from a forwarding company into a full service organization for international removal services. With experienced people we make the difference for you and your client when moving into Europe.

Packing materials

Pack (partly) yourself

When you’re planning to move, you will naturally need packing materials. This can vary from boxes for books or a mattress and paper or cardboard for fragile goods. Standard moving boxes are part of our full-service package but of course you can always choose to pack the goods yourself.

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Store your cargo

If your contents cannot be shipped or delivered directly, it is of the upmost importance that they are temporarily stored in a safe location. Transpack will provide the most efficient way to move your goods out of the harbour or airport.

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Custom formalities

Declaration at customs

It is an obligation to report all personal goods at customs, that are being shipped outside of the EU. Custom officers will then be able to assess your goods and the received declaration is a required document of proof that your goods have been moved out of the EU.

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Carefree move

Through our insurance you can protect yourself from these risks and we will always provide you with expert advice on the best possibilities. Certainty before everything is the starting point of all Transpack activities and services.

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International (full service) removal

From A to Z

There can be huge differences in cost for international removals, due to service level or destination. Your budget is of upmost importance to us. You will receive specified quote with a detailed description of what to expect within 48 hours.

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Groupage packages (smaller volumes)

Ship several boxes

For a large number of destinations it is possible to ship your cargo in combination. By shipping this way, you will benefit from significant cost savings.

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