Moving to Vietnam

Moving your items to Vietnam

Are you planning to emigrate to Vietnam? Transpack is specialised in international removals of belongings and entire households to various locations in Vietnam. You can move from Amsterdam to Hanoi for as little as €920.

Calculate the costs online without any obligation and get a tailor-made quotation for your move to Vietnam.

Vietnam in a nut shell:

Population88.7 million
CurrencyDong (d)
Official languages

Moving to Vietnam

When moving to Vietnam, you might consider taking your belongings with you. Transpack offers several transport possibilities to get your goods to the new residence in Vietnam, such as air cargo, sea cargo and groupage services.

The costs of moving to Vietnam

The cost of sea freight and groupage services to Vietnam is relatively low compared to other countries. The container price for shipping to the country is low, making a private container a good option. By shipping your items together with those of others at the same time (groupage), you share these low costs and the move becomes even more advantageous. Air freight on the other hand is expensive, so it is advisable to only use it for small shipments that you need at very short notice.


AmsterdamHanoi€920,-Request a quote

How long are my belongings on their way to Vietnam?

The average duration of your move by air freight is 2 to 3 weeks. For sea freight this is different because of the enormous distances within the country. However, in general you can assume that the container will take 4 to 6 weeks to reach the port of destination. This does not include the time at customs and any road transport afterwards. A Transpack employee can give you a better idea of the transit times to specific destinations in the country. Groupage transport takes 10 to 12 weeks on average because the container leaves as soon as it is full, so your goods can remain in the warehouse for a while before departure.

Tips for emigrating to Vietnam

Moving to Vietnam is an exciting adventure. Vietnam has a rich biodiversity: green landscapes, (rain) forests & beautiful beaches on the South China Sea. The country also has a rich history. There are a number of nice cities in Vietnam, such as Hoi An where you can find delicious Vietnamese street food everywhere.

Do I need a visa for Vietnam?

For your emigration to Vietnam and the preparation of the correct papers, we recommend that you contact the consulate or embassy of your own country. Our relocation specialists from Eurohome can also help you with this.

What should you take with you when you emigrate to Vietnam?

To help you prepare for your trip, we have put together some tips for you. Make sure that documents, keys, medicines, jewellery and other important items are not included in your shipment. You should always take these items with you personally.


ClothingVietnam has a tropical climate. Therefore, lightweight clothing is recommended. In the North, it can get colder in the winter and in the highlands it is cooler all year round. Take an extra outdoor jacket or vest for these areas
Travel plugThe  electricity voltage in Vietnam is about 220 Volts and the frequency is 50 Hertz. You will need a (world) adapter plug if you are bringing electrical appliances.
MedicinesCheck whether your medication is available in Vietnam and the maximum amount you are allowed to bring. Also check if you need a medical certificate to bring medication on your trip.
DocumentsCarry important documents such as passport, visa documents etc. in your hand luggage – make copies too.
Personal items
Think of your favourite toiletries, things that remind you of home and other things you can’t afford to be without.
Tip: pack a spare set of clothes in your hand luggage in case your checked luggage is delayed or lost.

If you have any questions about moving to Vietnam, please feel free to contact us.