Air freight transport

Moving abroad by air freight

Would you like to move fast and don’t have too many things to be moved? Then Transpack offers the option of airfreight transport. Especially if you want to receive items at their destination on very short notice, this is a good option. Think for example of sending stuff by plane to your family.

Why choose to move by plane?

The biggest advantage of air freight is that it is much quicker than moving the goods by sea container. An example: a move from Amsterdam to San Francisco by sea container takes about five to six weeks and by air this will only be four to five days.

Please note that these timetables do not take into account customs formalities. So this only concerns the container transport from airport to airport.

How does moving by air freight container work?

Are you interested in moving your belongings by airplane, then Transpack will arrange this for you. After we have determined which items go with the airfreight container, your belongings are neatly packed according to the quality requirements for air transport. Then your items are taken to the warehouse and placed in an air lift van, a special cardboard crate for air freight. This keeps the goods together and also offers extra protection against damage.

As soon as the air lift van is ready, all customs formalities are in order and you have received formal approval for the transport, the transport will be booked with our air cargo partners. There is close contact about departure and arrival dates, so that the partner at your new destination is also aware of the arrival date and the goods can be cleared and, if desired, delivered to your home.

Air freight prices

The prices of transport by air are higher than by sea. The airline partners consider the quantity and weight of the items. With sea freight the price is calculated per container. This means that it does not matter how heavy the contents of the sea container are, this is a fixed amount per container.

Most shipping partners use an average of 167 kilograms per 1 cubic meter. Should your shipment be 1 cubic meter, but around 350kg, then it will be charged on the basis of weight. Conversely, if your shipment is 2 cubic meters, but consists of 50 kilograms, it will be taxed on the 2 cubic meters again.

That is why it is very important to clearly indicate in advance which items you are going to take with you, so that the weight and the quantity of items can be estimated correctly and you will not have any unpleasant surprises as far as costs are concerned. At Transpack you can request a quotation for moving by plane, without any obligations.

Points of attention for air freight removal

Below you will find a number of points of attention for moving by air. There are certain things you need to take into account when using our airfreight services.

  • In view of the strict requirements regarding the content and method of packing air freight, goods are always packed by us or one of our partners at your home.
  • A number of types of goods are not allowed or limited in the air freight such as liquids, alcohol, lithium batteries and aerosols. We will inform you extensively about this when you book an air freight shipment with us.
  • In order to make the best use of the space in an air freight crate, we do not recommend sending irregular shaped items by air freight. Think of a bicycle, tabletop, surfboard, office chair etc.
  • The minimum volume for air freight is 1m3.
  • Air freight can be followed by entering the Airway Bill number on track & trace

If you still have questions after reading this page, please feel free to contact us. Or request a price indication via our quotation form.