Moving to Thailand?

Moving affordable to Thailand

Moving to another country is a major event. Of course, you can choose to arrange this yourself, but why not let Transpack take care of the move to Thailand for you?

We are a professional and international moving company, and would be happy to guide you through the entire process of moving from the Netherlands to Thailand. Using our services ensures that you will not encounter any surprises, and you are assured of prompt and professional service.

Price indication for your move to Thailand

The price for a move to Thailand depends on your choice of services and the volume of your goods. You can fill out an extensive quotation form on this site so we can calculate the cost for you.

Or you can use our handy Transpack App (App Store / Google Play) for this purpose. Just fill in your data, take pictures of what you want to take along and we will calculate the price based on the photos.

Living and working in Thailand

When emigrating to Thailand , there is a lot to do. At Transpack, we do our utmost to help you as much as possible. However, there are several matters that you will need to address yourself.
Read our checklist and make sure you are fully prepared for your emigration.

Emigrating to Thailand


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