Container rental

Container rental

We rent ISO containers of various sizes, mainly for temporary or long-term storage of goods. The containers are available in lengths of 6 and 12 meters and are fully lockable, waterproof and offer optimal protection against external influences. These containers offer many possibilities and are for example ideal for: storing surplus stocks, office furniture, archives, household and personal goods, etc. 

Depending on your wishes, a container can be placed at any address – home or office – to be loaded by yourself or third party. After loading, the container can remain on the premises or can be picked up and put away in specially equipped container sheds that are safe and dryThe containers can also be rented to transport special goods. In all cases, we can provide logistic services and take care of loading, unloading and transporting the goods. 

On request, the containers can be arranged for custom storage, for example for the storage of winter and summer tires for garage owners, with special racks for archive boxes for your files or with boxes for small material. 

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