Are all costs included in the quotation?

The quotation is tailored to your requests. It contains all the costs associated with the standard services that are required or desired for your move. There may, however, be some extra costs for circumstances that are unforeseen or beyond our control. An example of a potential extra cost that is beyond our control is a random customs inspection. This is determined solely by the customs officials and their charges are for the customer. Unforeseen costs could be related to circumstances at the delivery location. We try to collect accurate information from you and from our own research regarding the delivery location and expected access. On occasion, it becomes clear after we have issued a quotation that it will be necessary to incur additional costs for delivery, such as a parking permit or an outside lift. If any such situations arise, you will be informed and an invoice will be sent for the actual costs. All exclusions can be found on the quote and you are welcome to contact us for further explanation.


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