• What is volume when moving?

    The amount of items you want to move is called the volume. This volume also determines the way we move you. International transport is organized on the basis of volume. If you have enough m2 to fill an entire container, then it is easy. Should you wish to move just a little more or less, it is more advantageous to choose for combined transport, groupage. You share a container, so you do not have to pay for unused space, very advantageous.


  • Do you also take care of all the customs clearance?

    Yes, Transpack is licensed to get all goods past customs in the Netherlands. Both for export and import. All necessary customs formalities abroad are arranged by one of our trusted partners. So moving with Transpack means going through customs without any worries.

  • Does it cost money to get goods past customs?

    In many cases you do not have to pay taxes and import duties if you officially move and you meet the customs requirements of your current and future country. You will receive all the necessary information from us to ensure that you do not have to pay any unnecessary duties and taxes.

    This only applies for an official move. If you want to send things to, for example, your vacation home or to family abroad, then there will be taxes. The amount differs per country and the quantity and type of goods. Please contact us for an estimate of the costs.


  • What is LCL?

    LCL is a method of shipping organized from the shipping company, in this they collect small shipments of goods and place them in their own container. This method is very expensive because these can be all kinds of goods and therefore there are extra operations in the port.

  • Difference between Groupage and If it Fits it Ships

    You want to have things shipped to, for example, Curaçao. However, you are unsure whether you should book a groupage shipment or a shipment via our special service If it Fits, it Ships. What is the difference?

    The difference between Groupage and If it Fits it Ships is the way of packing the goods that you want to have shipped. When you order an If it Fits, it Ships shipment, you choose to ship your goods within a predetermined format: a 0.5m3 box or a 1m3 box. You are completely free what you put in these dozen, but not everything will fit, because the size of the boxes is limiting.

    With groupage you are not bound by a fixed. You message a shipment and all boxes you send are added together for a total size. This amount of cubic meters is shipped in total in one of our sea containers and can optionally be picked up at your home at an additional cost and delivered on location. For example, if you have a large table lamp that must be brought along or a sofa, that is no problem at all.

    Delivery time

    A second difference is the delivery time. The service, if appropriate, depends on the remaining space in sea containers. As a result, it may take some time to ship your goods. The delivery date cannot be determined in advance.


    After all, the service you can expect is a difference. At If it Fits, it Ships you have to deliver your goods yourself and repack them in the m3 moving boxes. You also have to make a packing list yourself. You pay in advance. With groupage you can choose to have the goods picked up and delivered. The packing list is made by us and you will receive your final invoice after delivery.

  • I don’t know the exact address where I want my goods delivered. Can I already receive an offer?

    That’s no problem at all. If you know which city you would like your goods delivered, you can receive a preliminary offer from us. As soon as you provide us with the exact address, we will complete your quotation. You can fill in the quotation form here.

  • When do I have to pay?

    Removals at Transpack must be paid in advance. You will receive our invoice 30 days before your scheduled moving date. The invoice amount must be paid at least 4 business days before the start of the service. If this is not the case, we are unfortunately forced to cancel the appointment. Please note that if the appointment is canceled, and we need to make a new appointment at short notice, this may result in additional costs.

  • Must I keep to the volume of the quote?

    When you or we estimate the volume, it may still differ from the actual volume. Small differences are common. It may also be the case that you eventually decide to take more or less with you. Transpack will give you an offer based on the estimate, but this is not binding. Any difference will always be corrected in the invoice. If it is more than the estimate, an additional invoice will follow. If it is less, you will receive the overpaid amount refunded to your account.

  • How long is my quotation valid?

    Transpack’s quote is valid for 1 month after receipt. The exact expiration date is indicated on the quote. This is due to the strongly fluctuating prices of, among other things, sea freight.

  • Are all costs included in the quotation?

    The quotation is tailored to your requests. It contains all the costs associated with the standard services that are required or desired for your move. There may, however, be some extra costs for circumstances that are unforeseen or beyond our control. An example of a potential extra cost that is beyond our control is a random customs inspection. This is determined solely by the customs officials and their charges are for the customer. Unforeseen costs could be related to circumstances at the delivery location. We try to collect accurate information from you and from our own research regarding the delivery location and expected access. On occasion, it becomes clear after we have issued a quotation that it will be necessary to incur additional costs for delivery, such as a parking permit or an outside lift. If any such situations arise, you will be informed and an invoice will be sent for the actual costs. All exclusions can be found on the quote and you are welcome to contact us for further explanation.

  • What does groupage mean?

    With a groupage shipment you share a shipping container with other customers who are moving to the same country. This is a cost, and space, efficient way to move. And rest assured, your goods are kept well separated from other goods in the container. Sharing the container costs can be a very attractive option, especially when shipping small volumes.

  • Can you supply packing materials if I want to pack my goods myself?

    Transpack works together with de Verhuiswinkel, a Webshop for packing materials that also belongs to the Voerman Group. There you will find high-quality moving boxes and a range of protective materials, such as covers for your couch and mattress. If you want to bring your goods to our warehouse, you can also rent moving equipment such as trailers. For international transport it is especially important that you pack your belongings well. We are happy to advise you.

  • Do I have to pack my goods myself or does Transpack offer packing services?

    That choice is entirely up to you. You decide what you will do yourself and what you prefer us to do for you. We can provide all of the necessary packing materials and professionally pack for you. You can also choose to pack your belongings yourself and just have us pick them up and transport them for you. Or, for the most cost-efficient option, you can even pack your goods yourself and bring them to our warehouse in The Hague. Check out all the possibilities here or contact us for tailored advice. Whatever you choose, you’re in good hands with Transpack.

  • Why is your warehouse in The Hague if your office is located in Rotterdam?

    Transpack is part of the Voerman Group with its head office in The Hague. We have a shared warehouse which meets all the standards and requirements such as temperature control, humidity control and pest prevention. The warehouse facilities and staff are available for all Transpack customers.

  • My employer is paying for my move; can I contact you?

    Transpack can work with you, even if your employer is paying for the move.

  • Does Transpack provide services to all destinations?

    Transpack has a global network of trusted agents. This enables us to facilitate moves to almost any destination worldwide. There are certain destinations which are especially popular and low-priced. Our service representatives can assist you with your move to virtually any country in the world.