Emigrating to The United States: What do I need to do myself?

Importing your household goods

Emigrating to The United States – There is a lot to think about. Certainly applying for a Visa or Green Card is a whole job. At Transpack we are specialized in this and we have our full focus on you and your family. You will receive a clear advice, without any hidden small prints, so completely transparent.

An international move usually means that you also want to take your personal and household goods. This procedure does not have to be hard at all! Keep an eye on the following things:
  • Your personal belongings must have been used for at least one year before importation in America so that they are exempt from import duties.
  • All alcoholic beverages are subject to local customs inspection.
  • Any applicable import duties will be determined on the spot.

If you are going to emigrate to The United States and want to take your household goods with you, customs must get a detailed list of the complete inventory and its value. That goes quite far, because officially it is even mandatory to include the titles of your books in the list. In practice, it appears that a less detailed list is also acceptable. You are required to complete custom forms. If you use the services of Transpack, we will assist you in arranging this custom process.

Your property may be imported up to six months prior to arrival, but no more than one year after arrival, after transfer of your property. They may not be sold, lent, rented or otherwise alienated in the United States within one year of their entry or arrival without obtaining a customs license. If you want to make sure you forget nothing, download this checklist. (Click here for the checklist).

Our specialists will take all these steps, procedures and necessary documents with you!