Are you emigrating to The United States? Start moving!

Emigrating to The United States is a major event. Of course, you can choose to arrange this yourself, but why not let Transpack take care of the move for you?

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We are a professional and international moving company, and would be happy to guide you through the entire process of moving from the Netherlands to a new home abroad. Using our services ensures that you will not encounter any surprises, and you are assured of prompt and professional service.

You will, of course, travel to your destination by plane, but your goods will go by boat. The total shipping time from the port of Rotterdam to New York is approximately 13 days. Upon arrival at the port and after clearance of your shipment, your goods will be delivered to your home. Depending on the customs procedure, the total time to ship your goods from the Netherlands to your new home in New York takes on average about four to five weeks.

Transpack Moving Services is experienced in providing international moves and offers services world-wide. We offer a personalized approach and tailor made services for every budget.

We strive to minimize the time between packing, the collection of your goods and the departure of the boat. Therefore, we coordinate with you the planning of your move: what is a good time and what is not?

What does emigrating to The United States cost?

The price for a move depends on your choice of services and the volume of your goods. You can fill out an extensive quotation form on this site so we can calculate the cost for you. Or you can use our handy app ((App Store / Google Play) for this purpose. Just fill in your data, take pictures of what you want to take along and we will calculate the price based on the photos.


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What our customer review

★★★★★ Super

Great service and would recommend them to anyone. Best movers I’ve ever used. – Rebecca

★★★★ Good service and also very good price.

The whole experience from start to finish was painless and we found the staff very helpfut even thought our original contact went on holidays during the first contact. – Gillies

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Emigrating to The United-States: What do I need to do myself?

When emigrating to The United States, there is a lot to do. At Transpack, we do our utmost to help you as much as possible. However, there are several matters that you will need to address yourself (Click here for a checklist).

Are you arranging your emigration via Transpack? We will guide you through these matters and help you with any complicated documents and applications.

Importing your household goods

Emigrating to The United States – There is a lot to think about. Certainly applying for a Visa or Green Card is a whole job. At Transpack we are specialized in this and we have our full focus on you and your family. You will receive a clear advice, without any hidden small prints, so completely transparent.
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Emigrating to The United States: What’s important to know once I’m there?

Before arriving in The United States, there are still some things you should know.
The time difference varies by location. In New York, it’s about 6 o’clock time difference and in Houston at seven o’clock. The capital of the United States is Washington DC and one speaks mainly English in this country. The United States has 318.9 million inhabitants

Facts about The United Sates:

  • In The United States everyone drives right
  • 78 percent of the population is Christian
  • Each state in the United States has its own laws

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Are you emigrating to The United States? Transpack will take care of it for you! 


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