Emigrating to Thailand: What’s important to know once I’m there?

The official currency of Thailand is the Baht. Buying Thai money in the Netherlands is unnecessary and very expensive – at the Thai banks you always get a better rate. You can collect Thai money from tens of thousands of ATMs in Thailand with a bank card. Note: There are few ATMs outside of the tourist areas. Paying by pin can in most hotels and western oriented restaurants but in other places almost not.


The school system in Thailand is so arranged that foreigners can not enroll at local schools. Therefore, expats are writing their children at international schools. Thailand has a large international school system that varies depending on fees and reputation. There are three levels in this system. Well-known and well-reputed schools are very expensive and are considered to be the best. After that, the schools are lower and are less expensive. Finally, there is also a category of wealthy schools that are very popular among wealthy Thai families, but less among expats. In order to enroll in an International School, children need a number of needy documents such as: a passport, non-immigrant ED visa, all documents and data from your child’s previous school, birth certificate, health certificates and a number of other documents. Our partner in Thailand can give you the latest up-to-date information about this.


The official language in Thailand is Thai. For 80% of the population, it is the native language, but it has different dialects. At the tourist attractions you can assume that the locals speak English

Useful to know is that traffic in Thailand is often classified as dangerous for foreign motorists. A driver’s license does not matter and drivers do not adhere to all the rules. Teven leaves the quality of the roads in cities often desirable. The highways are in good condition. Therefore, we recommend using a defensive driving style when traveling in Thailand by car.

The dominant religion in Thailand is Buddhism and you see this in many ways in daily life. For example, there are many monks in saffron-colored clothes. The second faith in Thailand is Islam. Islam has fewer followers and hardly returns in daily life.

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