Are you emigration to Curaçao? What do I need to do myself?

When emigrating to Curaçao, there is a lot to do. At Transpack, we do our utmost to help you as much as possible. However, there are several matters that you will need to address yourself.  Are you arranging your emigration via Transpack? We will guide you through these matters and help you with any complicated documents and applications.

Importing goods to Curaçao

When moving your goods, there are several matters which you will need to take into account. Your goods must have been in your possession for at least six months and have been in use before moving to your new residence in Curaçao. The goods must have been used at the former residence, insofar as they are not ‘used’ goods

Additionally, it is important that you submit a signed itemized list describing the goods for which you would like to apply for exemption from customs. Transpack will help you to compile this list. The official application for the exemption must take place within a period of six months from the moving date.

Import of motor vehicles to Curaçao

Personal vehicles must have been in the person’s possession for at least one year before the date that he/she is moving from his/her place of residence in the country of origin. (The vehicle must have been on the person’s name for more than one year and insured for more than one year before shipping, i.e. registration papers must be in the name of the person who is insured.

  • The exemption is limited to 1 motor vehicle per family and the customs officials may ask for tax assurance in some circumstances.
  • If multiple vehicles are to be imported, you must take into account the payment of import duties and sales tax. Import duties amount to 27% and sales tax is 5%.

Importing new goods to Curaçao

The movers must be notified of any newly purchased goods; import duties will need to be paid for these goods. The amount to be paid will be calculated by local customs on the value of the goods and the freight charges.
The amount to be paid will be calculated by local customs on the value of the goods and freight charges. (Plus additional costs.  It is based on the CIF value = Costs – Insurance – Freight value)

Importing alcoholic beverages

One liter of alcoholic beverages and 1 liter of non-sparkling wine per family may be imported as household goods (free of import duties and excise tax). If you wish to import more than this, a percentage of import duties and excise tax will be charged by the local customs. This percentage will depend on the type of alcoholic beverage that is imported.

It is advisable to contact our local partner Caribbean Moving Services (CMS) soon after arriving in Curaçao. This allows you to avoid any container rental costs in Willemstad Port. The required documents must be submitted at customs before delivery of the container. Customs requires 5 to 7 business days for processing.