Emigrating to Canada: What’s important to know once I’m there?

Need to know

For your move to Canada, it is important to know that the time difference with the Netherlands varies from -3.5 to -8 hours, depending on where you are staying. There are mainly spoken English and French and the capital of Canada is Ottowa. Canada has 35 million inhabitants.


The official currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar. The daily costs are roughly comparable to the Netherlands. This depends, however, on where you move in Canada, because prices may vary here and there.


The education system in Canada is similar to education in the Netherlands. The same structure is used, namely: first primary school, then secondary education and finally to higher education. From six to sixteen children are required to go to school in Canada.

A difference with Canadian education is the language used in schools. This is either English or French. Furthermore, in Canada it is also unusual for every school to be funded by the government. In Canada, much attention is paid to post-school activities such as music and art.


The lauguage is mainly English spoken by just over 60% of the population and 25% of the inhabitants speak French. Of the 35 million inhabitants, more than 90% are immigrants or descendants of an immigrant. As a result, Canada is a melting pot of cultures.


Convenient to know is that the traffic rules in Canada differ considerably from those in the Netherlands. There are many parking places in many places or there are specific rules for catching up and lanes.