Emigrating to Australia: What’s important to know once I’m there?

The official currency in Australia is the Australian dollar. The prices are indicated by AUD or AU$. We recommend that you do not take any foreign currency from the Netherlands as needed. Prices of homes in Australia vary considerably from place to place. In Sydney, you pay for a two bedroom home between 470,000 and 600,000 Australian dollars. In Melbourne, you would pay 100,000 to 200,000 dollars for the same trick. Even cheaper you live in Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide.

The education system in Australia requires children from six to fifteen years to learn and the school year begins at the end of January and ends at the beginning of December. Children under the age of six can be enrolled at a kindergarten which lasts one year and is not mandatory. From six to twelve years children go to elementary school. After that, secondary education begins after four years leading to a school certificate. The next two years are not mandatory, but give access to the Higher School Certificate (HSC). This diploma is required to qualify for the university.
To register a child at elementary school, you must go directly to the teacher / director of the school. For high school, registration is automatically made by areas where one lives. Documents that are usually required for registration are: birth certificate, passport, school certificates and a letter from the head of the previous educational institution.For questions about studying in Australia (programs, tuition fees, registration conditions), please visit the official website of the Australian Ministry of Education: http://www.study-in-australia.org.The official language in Australia is English: this is spoken by the vast majority of Australians. The Aboriginals also have their own languages. In fact, each group of Aboriginals has their own language, but they often speak the language of another group.Very useful to know is that in Australia it is left. The main traffic rule is also “Give way to right”: give priority to people coming from the right.Are you emigrating to Australia? Transpack will take care of it for you!  Request your quote here