Difference between Groupage and If it Fits, It Ships?

What is the difference?

You want to have items shipped to Curaçao. However, you are unsure whether you should book a groupage shipment or a shipment via our special service If it Fits, it Ships. What’s the difference?

The main difference between groupage and If it Fits, it Ships is the way of packing the goods that you want to have shipped. When you book an If it Fits, it Ships shipment, you choose to ship your goods within a predefined format: a 0.5m3 box or a 1m3 box. You are completely free what you put in these boxes, but not everything fits in, because the size of the boxes is limiting.

With groupage you are not bound by a fixed format. You book a shipment and all the boxes you ship are added together for a total size. This amount of cubic meters is shipped in total in one of our sea containers and can optionally be collected from your home at an additional cost and delivered on location. For example, if you have a large table lamp that must be brought along or a sofa, that is no problem at all.

Delivery time

A second difference is the delivery time. The If it Fits, it Ships service depends on residual space in sea containers. This may take some time to ship your goods. The delivery date cannot be determined in advance.


After all, the service you can expect is a difference. With If it Fits, it Ships you have to deliver your goods yourself and repack them in the m3 moving boxes. You must also make a packing list yourself. You pay in advance. With groupage you can choose to have the goods picked up and delivered. The packing list is made by us and you will receive your final invoice after delivery.

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