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Difference between groupage and If it Fits, It Ships?

You want to move your belongings to Curacao. You are not sure if you should book groupage shipment or our special shipment service If it Fits, It Ships. What is the difference?

The most important difference between groupage and If it Fits, It Ships is the way your items are being packed for shipment. When you book If it Fits, It Ships, you choose to ship your belongings in a pre-format moving box of 0,5m3 or a 1m3 box. You can fit anything you like in those boxes, but not everything will fit. Hence, If it Fits, It Ships.

Groupage shipment is not bound to pre-format boxes. You book a shipment and all boxes you use to ship are calculated into a total m3. This amount of cubic meters will be used in one of our sea containers and can your items can be picked up, at an additional cost. If you for example have a larger lamp or a sofa, it is no problem to ship them.

Delivery time

A second difference is the delivery time. The If it First, It Ships service depends on the available space in sea containers. Due to this it can take some time before your items can be shipped. When you send your belongings using groupage shipment you can agree on a delivery date at the destination. The delivery date cannot be determined beforehand.


Finally the service you can expect differs. Using If it Fits, It Ships requires you to deliver the items yourself and fit them in the pre-formatted boxes. You have to create a packing list as well and you pay upfront. With groupage you can deliver and pick up your items when you want. We create the packing list and you will receive an invoice afterwards.

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