The United States of America

Moving to the United States of America

Are you moving to the United States of America? Transpack is specialized in international moves to different destinations in the United States of America. You can move from Amsterdam to New York for only €339 and from Amsterdam to Los Angeles for just €409.

Please contact us for a free customized quotation to your destination in the United States of America.

Some information about The United States of America in a nutshell:

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Capital Washington D.C.
Population 324 million
Currency Dollar
Official language English

Do I need a visa?
For residents of certain countries, a visa is a requirement to travel and emigrate to The United States of America. Check out the  (USCIS), under  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the latest information. Our Relocation Specialists from  Eurohome can also help you arrange a visa.

What should I take with me?
To help you get well prepared to travel, we’ve listed a few tips. Make sure that you do not have documents, keys, medicines, jewelry or any other important items in your  sea and/or air freight shipment. Always take these things with you.

Clothing It is important to bring appropriate clothing to the United States of America. The country has different climates. In the Northeast it can get very cold in winter with hot summers. In the South West, such as California, there are warm summers and mild winters. The North West has mild summers and colder winters.
Travel plug  

The main voltage in the United States of America is 110-120 Volt and the frequency is 60Hz. You need an adapter plug if you bring electrical devices.


Medicines Check if your medication is available in the United States and what the maximum amount is that you can take with you. Also check if you need a medical certificate to take your medication with you when traveling.
Documents Take important documents such as passport, visa documents etc. with you in your hand luggage – also make copies.
Personal items Think of your favorite care products, things that remind you of home and other things that shouldn’t be missing when traveling.

Tip: bring a set of extra clothing in your hand luggage in case your checked-in luggage is delayed or lost.

If you have any questions about moving to the United States of America, please feel free to contact us.