Moving to Thailand

Thailand is a beloved country to move to because of the openness, loyalty and hospitality of the Thai people and government. In addition, Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, has a major international hub. The country itself has a rich culture and nature; jungle, islands with white bounty beaches on the South Chinese Sea and wild elephants. Should you move here, it is definitely advisable to master the basics of the Thai language and culture to get yourself well on your way in Thailand. Read here (reading tips) more about the “basics of Thailand”.

Corona situation in Thailand

Are you planning on moving to Thailand? We are ready to inform you about the international moving of your belongings.

Capital Bangkok
Population 66,8 miljoen
Valuta Bath (THB)
Official languages

Do I need a visa?
For residents of certain countries a visa is required to travel to Thailand and emigrate. Check the site of Summary of Countries and Territories entitled for Visa Exemption and Visa on Arrival for the latest information.

Our Eurohome Relocation Specialists can help you arrange a (work) visa.

What do I take with me?
To help you prepare for your trip, we have put together a number of tips for you. Make sure that you do not send documents, keys, medicines, jewellery and other important items by sea and/or air.

Clothing It is important to take light clothing with you to Thailand. Think of natural and cotton materials for the warm and high humid climate. It is certainly advisable to bring a lightweight jacket or sweater. Inside offices or shopping malls it can feel cool because of the air conditioning.
Travel plug
The mains voltage in Thailand is about 220 Volt and the frequency is 50Hz. You need a (world) adaptor plug if you take electrical appliances with you.


Medicines Check of jouw medicatie in Thailand te verkrijgen is en wat de maximum toegestane hoeveelheid is die je mee mag nemen. Controleer ook of je een medische verklaring nodig hebt voor het meenemen van medicatie op reis.
Documents Take important documents such as passport, visa documents etc. with you in your hand luggage – also make copies.
Personal belongings
Think of your favourite care products, things that remind you of home and other things that shouldn’t be missing on a trip.
Tip: bring a set of extra clothing in your hand luggage in case your checked-in luggage is delayed or lost.

When I arrive

When finding a suitable home in Thailand, keep in mind that it takes at least 1 month to 2 to 3 months to do the paperwork. The best time to move is in January or July, just before the new school season starts.

You can find a house through homeowners, agents, suggestions from other expats, advertisements in newspapers and/or drive through a desired neighborhood to see what is available. If you are not satisfied with an agent, it is not advisable to change agents. After all, agents show the same properties. You can search for a property yourself, then the following publications are useful to consult: Bangkok Post and The Nation

Our Eurohome Relocation specialists can also find a suitable home for you.

Social community
There is a large international community in Thailand. The Thai people and government welcome international people and business through loyalty, openness and hospitality. Most international people are located in Central Bangkok which is a major international hub with international communities.

Getting around
The public transport network is arranged efficiently in Thailand and not expensive. There are buses, (night) trains, ferries and taxis (tuktuks) in the country. To get from one place to another within Thailand, domestic flights are the fastest and cheapest.

Thailand is generally safe. Although crime does occur in Bangkok, as in many large cities. Take precautions: do not carry flashy money or expensive jewelry with you in your pocket with men and in your handbag with women. Pay particular attention to this in busy places, such as public transport or tourist spots.

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