Frequently asked questions

With this form Transpack is authorised to arrange customs handling in The Netherlands on your behalf.

  • Full service origin: packing from packing lists, standard disassembling and packing materials.
  • Full service destination: unpack, assembly and removal of the packing materials on the day of the delivery.
  • Only loading and unloading: you need to do the packing; the assembly process; create a packing lists and take care of the packing materials. We load the container from the ground floor. At destination, we place the goods in your house.
  • Loading and unloading by yourself: the container will arrive at your home and you have a maximum of two hours to load it. We bring the container to destination and then you can unload it again. This is NOT possible with Groupage.
  • Until the harbour: all costs after arriving at the harbour are exclusive, such as: clearance, harbour costs etc. You will need a destination agent for these affairs.
  • Warehouse-warehouse: You will deliver the packed goods and pick them up at destination. This service is often only possible with Groupage.
  • A combination of the above. This is of course also possible. Ask our sales department for the best service for your move.

And that’s OK! Shipping your personal belongings is definitely not your day-to-day activity. Feel free to contact our specialists any day. They will be happy to assist you. For all contact details, please click here.

Yes and there are numerous possibilities. You can track your shipment on using your shipping information and the codes given to you. The ship itself can be traced on Your move coordinator can always give you an update in just one phone call away.

Is the mover certified? Memberships are an international recognition and they confirm that the provider has experience with international removals. The memberships are linked to quality certification, which means an extra guarantee for you as a customer that the company will always meet its obligations. A Certified domestic mover is a good choice for domestic services but for international moves, this certification has no value

Countries have their own specific regulations, but most destinations allow you bringing your personal items. Your items will have to be at least 6 months old. Most countries will tax you on alcohol and cigarettes so it’s normally not worth sending in your shipment. Most Counties do not allow human or pet food to be imported. Check with your local consulate or embassy for the Countries customs regulations or contact our consultants for information.

Moving is a serious profession, but with a little help everyone can do it! Don’t pack any opened bottles in case they leak. Do not pack guns, ammunition, food and anything hazardous (or forbidden) including cleaning materials. Don’t use an unlicensed company with a cheap rate but use licensed professionals instead. If the price sounds too good to be true it, it probably is! Make sure your boxes are all packed tight and well-taped shut. Make sure your name is on every separate item (box, etc.) you are shipping. Make use of professional packing materials such as rib-carton and Lupo available at our webshop Do not use bubble wrap! Bubble wrap is made from plastic and as it can become very hot inside a container on the journey, the plastic might melt into wood or other belongings. When you book your move with us your move coordinator will send you more tips&tricks.

At our webshop we offer quality professional packing materials with competitive prices at our webshop

Tape up the top and bottom and pack breakables in bubble wrap. Make sure your name & destination is on every box. Mostly important, fill your boxes full and ensure that they are tightly packed. Do not leave air spaces in the box as the boxes w ill weaken when stacked and collapse. Boxes should not be too heavy or fully loaded with books. When you book your move with us your move coordinator will send you more tips & tricks.

For domestic relocation the Certified Movers offer a Warranty-certificate with an all-risk coverage up to € 100.000,-. For extra security and benefit, you can always request for extra coverage. For an international move, this warranty certificate does not apply whereas you can never call on the liability of a mover. A reliable international mover will always offer you an all-risk insurance coverage against a premium in addition to the normal liability (or total loss of coverage if you are packing yourself), which is based on the value that you specify. Make sure you closely read the conditions of the insurance as there are multiple premiums with additions, such as extra transportation to and from storage or specific valuables to be insured.

A reliable quotation shows the in-, as well as the excluded services. Make sure you carefully compare the various services and costs, such as e.g. port costs in country of destination (sometimes described as Terminal Handling Charges or THC) and ask for an explanation from the mover if it is not clear.



Transpack quotations always show the period of validity. Generally this is a period of 1 month, due to variations in sea freight rates.



Based on our data and experience we have established a maximum deviation of 10% between the estimated and actual volume. In the unlikely event that the actual volume may differ at a higher percentage we recommend you to contact your move coordinator to find out what causes these different estimates.

In case you received a quotation per m3 (or per 100 lbs.), the final volume should never be off more than 10% from the estimated quantity. Should the final volume (after loading) show a larger deviation, the mover will make a comparison between estimation and packing lists.


A removal quote will almost always show the estimated volume, but this figure is only relevant if

  • you are limited to certain maximum, as set by your employer or
  • the removal price is based on a price per cubic meter
  • In all other cases, the volume is not of importance, as the mover has offered a fixed price for his services, which he should maintain, even if the loaded volume appears to be more. A deviation of this price is only possible if it can be obvious that there are more goods than shown ior indicated during the survey.

At our webpage: sell boxes, bubble wrap, bags for sofas and chairs, tape and packing paper. We only work with the best materials! It’s also possible to purchase your packing materials at our store in The Hague. Our moving specialists are also happy to advise on how to properly wrap your belongings


Choose the tab ‘request for quotation ’ on the menu or simply click here. Follow the five simple steps and hit submit. We will then send you the quotation. If you are unaware of the number of boxes you will move, the insurance value or the delivery address you can email us the additional information afterwards. If you decide to move with Transpack, please send a confirmation by e-mail with your preferable packing date options.

If the total volume of your shipment is lower than expected, we will invoice a lower rate and provide a refund.

On july first 2016 a new international law was introduced that incorporates the SOLAS treaty (Safety of Life a Sea). This regards the weighing obligation of empty and full containers to establish a VGM (Verified Gross Mass). Without a VGM a shipping company will not have permission to loading the container.

Once you have booked your move, our experienced move coordinator will guide you through the entire process. This includes helping you find a suitable solution if the shipment is larger than expected.


  • LCL is a type of Groupage but it is already taken into consideration when a container is ready for departure.
  • Groupage means that the shipping of the container does not occur until the container is completely full. This means that the shipping will take longer. Your good will be stalled in our storage free of charge, until they depart with the next outgoing ship. This is very convenient when you are not able to directly receive the goods at your destination.