Send a parcel by sea mail with “If it Ships it Fits”

31 May 2021

Sending a parcel abroad by sea could not be simpler than with If it Ships it Fits. National post offices are charging more and more for sending packages and if you travel by plane, it is no longer a cost-effective option to take your package as an extra piece of luggage due to the high costs that are now charged for extra luggage, many couriers make it very expensive for the general public to send a package. This leaves few affordable options for shipping a package internationally.

At Transpack, we can offer you the best possible prices all year round, whether you want to ship a parcel to the USA, Curaçao, Australia or any other global destination. Our ever-growing list of sea routes around the world enables us to connect numerous countries, while offering our customers the lowest costs and professional service quality.

Sending parcels overseas

Sending parcels abroad by boat is becoming increasingly common due to an increase in the number of people travelling and emigrating abroad. Transpack has created a streamlined, efficient and reliable service precisely for this target group, which is good for those who want to send things abroad cheaply and easily.

The advantages of using Transpack’s If it Ships it Fits service are that we keep you informed of every step in the journey of your parcel, while being competitively priced. When sending sea mail packages abroad, there are many different stages your packages must go through before they are delivered. Using a high-quality parcel shipping service such as If it Ship it Fits saves you money when sending small parcels and ensures the safety and security of your belongings.

Zeepost verzenden per zeecontainer

Our sea mail service

Transpack is proud to offer an exceptional international sea mail parcel service. This allows you to send a parcel very cheaply to Curaçao or one of our other moving destinations around the world. It is simple and very easy to organise international shipping by boat.

Step 1. Preparing to send a parcel
Sending a package via sea post is easy with Transpack. To start the process, you first need to get a quote using our free online quote service. From there, you can select the destination and book a delivery date that suits you.

Step 2. Posting your belongings
Once booked, all we ask is that you bring your belongings to our warehouse in The Hague where you can pack them in a special If it Fits it Ships box. We provide all of the necessary labels and documentation, along with a tracking number, so you know exactly where your package is at every step.
Step 3. Shipping your package
We will send your shipment in the next container that has space available.

Step 4. Picking up your package abroad
Once shipped, it is just a matter of tracking your items until they reach their destination. We will certainly keep you informed when this happens, and your tracking code will also indicate when it has arrived. In addition, our customer service team can keep you informed during the journey of your sea post package.

Did you know that we also move household goods, vehicles and artwork by sea containers all over the world?


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