Storage of goods

An important service, which Transpack offers, is the temporary or long-term storage of goods.

If, due to circumstances, your shipment cannot be shipped or delivered straight away, it is important that it will be taken into storage in a safe and economic way. Transpack will make sure forwarded goods are removed from the port or airport in a safe and most economical way and as such avoid the often very high (air-)port charges and demurrage.

Forwarded goods will be moved to a climate controlled storage location and temporarily stored until the time that they can be re-forwarded and delivered. At the same time, Transpack will take care of Customs documentation and the possible extension of permits. Safety and protection against external influences during storage, such as fire and burglary, are of primary importance. Transpack makes sure that the goods are safely stored and will always offer an expert advice on the continuation of ongoing and the conclusion of any new insurance coverage.

Transpack also offers appropriate storage possibilities for long-term storage of excess possessions. For both small and larger quantities of goods, storage rooms are available which, depending on your wishes, can be equipped with special provisions. Specials tools for loading are available at locations for loading and unloading and professional help can be called in at any time.

Short and long-term storage – Transpack will happily take this out of your hands.


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