Insurance of removal

Via Transpack, you can cover all risks and receive a prior expert advice on the most favourable and most complete insurance options for you. Risk management is one of the main principles of Transpack, whereas eye for detail and familiarity with transport conditions are essential.

Transpack provides coverage, which indemnifies our agents for their customer’s loss or damage to cargo where there is an allegation of liability for their choice of carrier, a perceived failure to carry out due diligence, or in ensuring that the carrier has adequate insurance coverage. For example, if a forwarder relies on the validity of a certificate of insurance received from the carrier and it turns out to be false, a claim ensues and the load broker is brought into the claim that results in a suit. Transpack will provide investigation, defence and indemnity for the claim (providing it is a covered loss).

The people of Transpack are forward thinking and can assess risks that need to be covered, well in advance. This helps prevent you take out an insufficient or incorrect insurance coverage, leaving you with an unnecessary and too high insurance premium.

Transpack ensures you of an appropriate coverage.


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